Enjoy taste of Slovakia - small beautifull country in the middle of Europe. Wether citybreaks, wellness, golf or adventure tours or fishing and huting.All this you can taste in Slovakia. Dynamic groving capital city Bratislava with rich history offers you unforgetable stays in nice hotels, pictoresque caffes, tastefull restaurants and great entertaiment. Wine tasting, ski, golf & spa holidays – everything you´ve ever dream about just wait for you. So please be inveted to come….WELCOME!


Fast info:
Oficial name: Slovak Republic
Area: over 49 000 km2
Population: over 5 mil. inhabitans
Capital: Bratislava (over 400 000 inhabitnas)
Establishment: parliamentary democracy, republic
Time: Central European Time (+ GMT)
Border countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Austria
Official language: Slovak
Currancy: Slovak crowne (1 EUR = cca 34 SKK)
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